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What makes SHIP unique?

Sexual Health in Practice (SHIP) is interactive, practical and peer-led training to strengthen sexual health care in primary care: whatever your priority!

If you wish to

  • tackle undiagnosed HIV; 

  • strengthen primary care management for those with HIV;

  • increase chlamydia and viral hepatitis testing;

  • respond constructively to FGM; 

  • improve sexual health promotion; or

  • support nurses in safe contraceptive care                         ...SHIP can help!


SHIP changes clinical practice for good

SHIP has demonstrated success – twice - where 1  2  3   comparable interventions have failed.


SHIP uses up-to-date evidence and guidelines 

SHIP materials are updated on a rolling basis, actively looking for evidence of relevance to primary care – reviewing in both sexual health and in implementation science and education. 

This is what keeps us ahead of the game! 


SHIP has been teaching rapid sexual health risk assessment for two decades; we understand its key role for sexual health prevention and care in the primary care context. This skill is endorsed as an essential first step to individualised care (NICE Quality Standard 2019 ‘core brief sexual history’).


SHIP is nationally recognised


SHIP is a peer-led and not-for-profit organisation 

Payments are used to cover our costs only. 

We do not subsidise any big organisations or make profits for shareholders.



A great implementation partner for commissioners
Highly experienced in working closely with commissioners, GPs and their teams, we develop and implement fresh approaches to quality improvement in sexual health care. We will work closely with you to develop meaningful evaluation measures.


Great for GPs and practice nurses

Our teaching is appropriate for all GPs and Practice nurses, not just for those with a particular interest.

Our sessions are designed and delivered by enthusiastic GPs and Practice nurses who cope with the same work challenges that you have (did anyone mention lack of time?). 

We ensure that our workshops are tailored to your role in general practice enabling you to learn how to weave rapid risk assessment into your routine clinical practice. 

See what your colleagues are saying!

"Pitched at exactly the right level for GPs. Honestly an excellent course - good balance of theory & practical"

"A very interesting and beneficial training session, which has given me great confidence!"

"The best training we've had for years. More updates please."

"One of the best lectures I have had the privilege to attend. Once again, very impressive."

"Brilliant course, will change my practice."

"Thank you! So helpful and I feel much more confident in raising the subject of sexual health."

"An excellent course, very relevant and appropriate for GPs"

"Brilliantly run and presented - have learnt a huge amount from both sessions and increased awareness greatly. Thank you."

"Best course I've been to in ages - extremely well presented."

"Pitched at exactly the right level for GPs. Honestly an excellent course - good balance of theory & practical."

"Excellent course - one of the best clinical course I have ever done."

"Fantastic. Just what I needed to aid my current practice. Well delivered. Good timing. Good facilities."

"I really enjoyed it, and feel much happier about broaching the subject of sexual health now."

"This is a brilliantly thought through training, cutting across boundaries / hierarchies with a high level of knowledge. Warm teaching throughout. Thanks!"

"I'm much more confident in sexual health assessment with patients who are registering for the first time" 

"Excellent, very relevant & engaging. I found it extremely useful and enjoyable"

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