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What We Do

Implementation support to re-shape service delivery
For when bigger changes are needed, we have developed a range of approaches towards service development. Working flexibly and collaboratively SHIP CIC provision can include:
·       Whole team training
·       Audit and performance feedback
·       Resources - guidelines, templates, leaflets, posters, condoms, pregnancy tests
·       Support for primary care and liaison with local labs and specialist services, primary care IT


Collaborative working
We have a wealth of relationships and experience through which we can organise, co-ordinate and deliver sexual and reproductive health care training in London and other cities. SHIP writers have designed new courses for Practice Nurses and Healthcare Assisstants in Genaral practice for the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, based on SHIP principles and effective teaching exercises. We are currently collaberating with Terence Higgins Trust to write a session for GPs on management of HIV as a Long-term condition.

Our involvement in the delivery of SHIP training across Birmingham and nine London Boroughs has given us an excellent reputation with GPs and practice nurses. Our training sessions are extremely well evaluated; the following quotes from post-course evaluation forms illustrate how clinicians feel they will change their practice.

"Pitched at exactly the right level for GPs. Honestly an excellent course - good balance of theory & practical"

"The best training we've had for years. More updates please"

"Interactive, engaging, interesting. Excellent resources"
"One of the best lectures I have had the privilege to attend. Once again very impressive"
"Brilliant course - will change my practice!"
"This is a brilliantly thought through training"

Published evidence of impact

We have published evidence that SHIP training has positive effect on all 4 levels of Kirkpatrick’s hierarchy of impacts of education: reaction, learning, clinical behaviour and patient outcome. Analysing pre and 3 month post-session questionnaires has demonstrated SHIP training changes nurses’ confidence, attitudes and intention to change practice[1]. SHIP training in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham is associated with an increased use of self-swabs and relative increases in Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing.


An evaluation of the impact of training in the London borough of Haringey found significant increases in HIV testing rates following SHIP training and a greater than two-fold increase in the average annual number of new HIV diagnoses per practice (from 9.5 to 22). Positivity rates were substantially higher than found in London screening pilots, suggesting that SHIP training nurtures complex clinical skills[2]. The following graph of unpublished data from Haringey demonstrates these increases in HIV testing rates have been sustained since training was introduced there in 2010, amounting to a 600% increase in HIV testing over the 6 year period.



Furthermore unpublished data from the London borough of Islington shows the introduction of SHIP training was associated with an increase of not only HIV testing rates but also hepatitis B and C testing rates in primary care. We are currently writing up this evidence for publication.

[1] Pillay T et al ‘Unlocking the potential: Longitudinal audit finds multifaceted education for general practice increases HIV testing and diagnosis’ (2012) Available here

[2] Mullineux J, Firmstone V, Matthews P and Ireson R. Innovative sexual health education for general practice: an evaluation of the Sexual Health in Practice (SHIP) scheme, Education for Primary Care (2008)

Training sessions

SHIP CIC offers 8 different training sessions; 2 of which are core sessions for Practice Nurses, and 1 of which is a core session for GPs. We recommend that the remainder of these sessions are only attended by GPs and Practice Nurses who have already attended the relevant core session(s). However if commissioners felt that they wanted to offer one of these additional sessions in their locality without the preceding core sessions we would be happy to discuss tailoring these sessions to meet local needs.

Full information on SHIP CIC training sessions can be found here.

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