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Recent Commissions

SHIP training has been running for over two decades. After initially starting up in Birmingham, SHIP has expanded to provided training in ten London boroughs and beyond.

Since reorganising as a community interest company in 2017 we have been commissioned in: 

  • Barnet       1 round of Practice Nurse training (STI & contraception sessions)

  • Coventry   3 rounds of GP training

  • Camden, Islington & Haringey 3 rounds of GP training, 3 rounds of PN training

  • Enfield      2 rounds of PN training (STI & contraception sessions)

  • Lambeth   1 round of GP training, 1 round of PN training

  • Lewisham  2 rounds of GP training, 1 round of PN training

  • Sandwell   1 round of Practice Nurse training

In 2020 we have already been commissioned to provide further rounds of training in Coventry, Camden, Islington and Haringey, and Lambeth.

We can provide self-funded courses if there is enough interest in your region. Please register your interest and we’ll keep you updated if we plan any courses near you.

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