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Participant Feedback

What participants have said about what they learnt and how they will change their practice after attending SHIP training:

“I am more confident to talk to patients re different options of contraception when they visit for the first time!”
“Much better awareness and feel more knowledgeable and able to offer BBV testing now” 
“I can comfortably introduce sexual health in travel, contraception & smear consultations”
“I now know strategies to raise the subject of sexual health with an accompanied patient”
“Relevance of taking swabs, history taking, recognising risk groups”
“I'm much more confident in suggesting STI check”
“I will promote using IUD much more in EC”
“The benefit of self-swabs”

Thelma Takyi-Addo

Practice nurse (Independent nurse prescriber), Latymer Road Surgery, Enfield CCG (March 2018)

"Thanks so much to Sheila and Shabneet who led the SHIP contraception training. This training has empowered and enlightened me so much that I am now asking questions / engaging patients in contraception discussions that I wouldn't have done before this course. OMG! It is amazing how many of my patients were dying to be asked about LARC. I am selling 'coil fitting' very well and patients seem to be very pleased with the care and attention I am giving them. Joy!!!! Thank you so much to the organisers and a big thank you to Sheila and Shabneet."

Commissioner Feedback

Robbie Currie

Sexual Health Programme Lead for the London Borough of Bexley

'I commissioned SHIP to be delivered in our local GP practices to improve the overall sexual health offer to our residents. After investigating several training routes, we elected SHIP as it’s peer-led model in the GP setting offered us the most comprehensive, practical and rapid up-skilling of our practitioners. The training was very well received by our Practices and we’ve already observed a diversion away from the acute into the community setting; not only improving individual health outcomes by providing services closer to home, but in a more cost-effective way as part of our Enhanced Sexual Health Service. SHIP has been integral to our strategic plans for sexual health services in my Local Authority. I cannot recommend them highly enough.'

Susan Otiti

Assistant Director of Public Health, Haringey

"SHIP has been an essential component of our local sexual health strategy to improve sexual health outcomes for Haringey residents. The training programme has been well received by GPs and practice nurses and they have put their learning into practice. We have seen an increase in HIV testing in general practice and this has contributed to the improvement we have seen in our HIV late diagnosis. SHIP is an essential course that equips GPs and practice nurses with the knowledge and tools to improve the sexual health of their practice population.'


Jane Craig

Public Health Department, Coventry City Council

GPs trained from 11 practices in high prevalence areas

'Our six month evaluation demonstrated that the majority of practices trained have increased their level of Hep B and C and HIV testing and 7 positive results have been confirmed'

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